Surface Protection Film

Made with Safety & Sophistication in mind

Surface Protection Film

Surface protection has previously been focused only on the painted surfaces with the use of polishes, sealants, and waxes. Keeping the surfaces of your vehicle protected is important. Now available for both your paint and your infotainment screen. DigiShield films raise the bar on surface protection designed to keep your car looking new longer.  

DigiShield Surface Protection Film

Crystal Clear

Designed to protect, but not be seen.


Can be professionally removed.

Precision Cut

Computer cut; a knife never touches your car.

High Definition Extreme Logo

Paint Protection Film [HDX]

High Definition Extreme (HDX) is constructed using a 6 mil thick urethane film. Then we add a high gloss top coat and an acrylic adhesive so clear you barely know it’s there once installed. HDX not only sets a new standard for paint protection film; HDX is the Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Impact Resistant

The rebound effect of DigiShield will absorb the impact and even sacrifice itself to save the protected surface underneath.

7 Year Warranty

Our nationwide 7 year warranty against peeling, cracking, or de-lamination will keep your car looking new longer.


Minor scratches and swirl marks heal themselves. Simply pouring hot water over the effected area will leave the film looking new.

Chemical Resistant Top Coat

Resists damage from harmful, often acidic, hazards like bird droppings, bugs, and road grime.

Touchscreen Protection Film

We’ve leveraged our vast experience in protective films to offer you a solution for scratches, dings, and spills that commonly occur on and around your infotainment screen. Rarely, do people leave the cell phone store without a protective cover for their cell phone screen. Why drive away from the dealership without protecting one of the most expensive parts in your car… your infotainment screen?  We think this sensitive piece of technology deserves to be protected just like your cell phone.

ShieldScreen Touchscreen protection film

Optical Clarity

ShieldScreen uses advanced polymers to ensure the optical clarity of your infotainment screens.

Oil and Chemical Resistant

The advanced top coat resists fingerprints and oils from your hands. Any smudges are easily wiped off.


Our advanced film construction forms a protective barrier with excellent resistance to cuts and scratches.

Smooth Touch

ShieldScreen is smooth to the touch, making your selections easy and accurate.

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